Cast and Crew

Directed by Marilyn Ann Moss
Written and Produced by Marilyn Ann Moss
Based on Marilyn Ann Moss’s book, Raoul Walsh: The True Adventures of Hollywood’s Legendary Director
Raoul Walsh voiced by Johnny Crear
Editor: Patrick Francis
Executive Producers: Paul Lynch, Hank Kilgore, Sue Kilgore
Producer: Harley W. Lond
Camera: John Gulager, Jim Makichuk, Ira Gallen, Harley Lond, Patrick Francis
Additional Editing: John Hanrahan, Cody Miller
Additional footage directed by Joel Bender
Original Music: Imre Czomba
Post-Production Supervisor: Harley W. Lond
Re-recording mixer/Post Production Sound: Shawn Duffy/Dufftone Sound
Colorist: Peter Swartz/Color Space Finishing
Art Director: Erica Peek
Sound and Dialogue Editor: David J. Williams
Post Sound Mixer: David J. Williams/Melrose Sound Recorders
Wrap-Around Cinematography: Ricardo Jacques Gale
Legal Services: Michael Donaldson, Dean R. Cheley

Peter Bogdanovich
Illeana Douglas
Richard Erdman
Sidney J. Furie
John Gallagher
Tab Hunter
C. Courtney Joyner
Norman Klein
Jack Larson
Paul Lynch
Leonard Maltin
Lee Marvin
Alan K. Rode
Jane Russell
Anthony Slide

Documentary, 95 minutes, B&W/Color